RS Garage Door Services Offers Liftmaster for Premier Garage Door Opener Repair in San Diego


RS Garage Door Services is San Diego’s trusted provider of garage door opener repair for every type of garage door. The premier one-stop shop for garage door repair in San Diego, RS Garage Door Services boasts a wide selection of brands for garage door openers, including major brands such as Liftmaster, Genie and Marantec.
Garage door openers offered by RS Garage Door Services come with features such as built-in security and safety mechanisms, thus ensuring the products’ reliability and durability.

The reason for insisting on advanced safety features stems from the fact that, as of 1993, all garage door openers are to be equipped with a standard safety reversing mechanism. Newer models are superior to older ones in that respect, which is why garage door opener replacement is a common service in San Diego. Newer models of garage door openers can also sound alerts before closing to warn anyone who might be in the way of the closing door.

Another vital aspect of modern garage door openers is security. Features such as Security+ 2.0 make it possible for the computer inside the opener to frequently alter the security code. In this way, thieves are unable to steal the code and use it to break into the garage when the garage owner is not at home. One of the reasons RS Garage Door Services chose to offer Liftmaster garage door openers is precisely the fact that they usually include this advanced security feature.

RS Garage Door Services recommends Liftmaster garage door openers because of their reliable security features and proven durability. The two top-selling Liftmaster models offered by RS Garage Door Services are Liftmaster 8550W and Liftmaster 8355. The former comes with features such as PosiLock, timer-to-close and alert-to-close warning systems, as well as a motion detector, while the latter features MyQ technology, P3 Motors, audio and visual warnings and is compatible with Home Link. Both come with parts warranty.

Expert staff of technicians at RS Garage Door Services will inspect the state of your garage door openers and recommend repair or replacement. During the in-home inspection, they will also advise you on the best type of garage door opener for your garage door. They will present you with sample openers during their visit, ranging from wall mount openers and chain drives to screw drives and belt drives, so as to help you choose the most suitable type and model.

RS Garage Door Services puts emphasis on quality, reliability and durability. For that reason, they will invest the necessary time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each model. The team will provide you with a free estimate so you will be able to plan your budget accordingly. Owing to the preferred vendor status with local suppliers, RS Garage Door Services is able to offer top-notch quality at very attractive prices.

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About Rockstar Garage Door Services: Rockstar Garage Door Services offers quality garage door repair, maintenance and installation services in San Diego County. This one-stop shop is locally-owned and operated and boasts 5-star reviews for numerous satisfied customers. Offering superior garage door opener repair in San Diego, RS Garage Door Services provided garage door owners with long-lasting and reliable products that will ensure the safety of their family for years to come. Same-day garage door repair service and 24/7 on-call support is part of the regular service.
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